MOMON Smart Glasses Review

MOMON Glasses had implemented innovative methods of display and collecting important information. The main achievement of MOMON intelligent glasses is that the device does not need active management from the user.


Functionality of this pair of Intelligent Glasses is wide. It can work in conjunction with any mobile device and support GPS, Bluetooth. With the help of the MOMON Bluetooth Glasses you can listen to music, read notifications, mail, SMS and do many other actions. Glasses will tell the weather and the latest news, remind you of important events. In other words, the new points create a “more reality”.


In addition to all listed, innovative glasses can work as fitness tracker. They will display the speed, and to record the number of steps. In the new regime, this Bluetooth Glasses will also display road signs, display, important driving information on the display, including about traffic jams in the city. This is a kind of smart glasses that can more understand you than other glasses. A triad sensor is built in this item, so it can check up your use of eyes and give you the tips on proper rest, helping you develop the habit of eyes care.


Coming with the classical and retro frame, this item is not lack of fashion elements. It is made from memory polyer materials-TR90, light and flexible with the refined and stable hinges. It can also be your exclusion eye-care housekeeper.


As a rule, the MOMON Smart Glasses can be ordered now at Banggood with a discount of 25% OFF.


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