Multifunction Leg Bag Keeps Your Hands Free While Having Outdoor Activities

Recently, I find a useful and helpful equipment, called multifunction leg bag. This bag can keep your hands free while having outdoor activities, allowing you to have a more comfortable and pleasant time while outside. In the following, here is the product details of this bag.

multifunction leg bag
Size: 157x130x296mm / 6.181×5.118×11.653inch
Color: black / green / coyote tan / ACU camouflage / CP camouflage
multifunction leg bag
600D tetolon POLYSTER fabrics.
PU waterproof coating on the surface of water treatment
PVC glue, waterproof and reinforcement effect
Changing shape according to users
All ribbon suture knot for processing

multifunction leg bag
Flexible main storage compartment
With adjustable waist and drop leg straps
Two side zippered pockets
multifunction leg bag
Keeping your hand free while you are camping, hunting or traveling
Great for military personnel, campers, hikers, fisherman, outdoors men, students, etc.
Everyday use, powerful function

After knowing the above details, you can easily see that this multifunction leg bag is definitely a useful and helpful outdoor equipment. If you often have outdoor activities, this bag is a good equipment for you to have.

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  1. Rajan

    I just loved Multifunction Leg Bag.


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