It is of necessity to have a good quality cup in your life

We can live a happy life by enjoying its little pleasures as often as we can. One of these is carrying our coffee, tea or water with us to work or school. Everybody knows that carrying your beverage in this way is cool and convenient. As a matter of fact, an environmental expert recently indicated that people should receive discounts for carrying their own coffee cups when purchasing coffee. Speaking at Repak, scientist Dr. Shine indicated that if this was done, there would be less pollution in the environment with plastic, disposable cups. This is a great idea that can save our money and our planet as well. If you are looking for a sporty, durable cup to carry your water in, the Xiaomi water bottle fits the bill. Read on to learn more about it.

Xiaomi Cup

  • High capacity and made with Eco-friendly materials

This water bottle has an amazing capacity of 350ml. As such, you can stay refreshed all day by carrying your water in it. It is made of a safe type of plastic that contains no BPA. As such, the bottle does not harm you as you sip your water. Furthermore, it can be recycled after disposal.

Xiaomi Cup

  • Robust construction

To keep your water or beverage locked in firmly, the Xiaomi Cup is made of strengthened plastic. This material can easily survive any bumps or scratches that could occur. As such, it can keep your beverage of choice held inside with no spills or leaks. Moreover, its lid has a leak-proof construction. It contains some built-in silica which provides effective sealing of the beverage inside.


Quite interestingly, this versatile water bottle is made up of 2 main layers of plastic. There is an inner container and an outer, surrounding one. The inner container can hold your beverage and keep it safe for drinking throughout the day. On the other hand, the outer container strengthens the bottle and keeps your water from spilling. In addition to that, it can be used as a separate container on its own. As such, when you buy this water bottle, you get two containers for the price of one!

Xiaomi Cup

  • Decorative freedom

The Xiaomi Cup provides you with ample decorative freedom. That’s because you can easily take out the inner cup and replace the decorative paper that covers its outer layer. In the true spirit of Do It Yourself (DIY), you can replace this paper decoration with another one of your personal choices. After that, you can proceed to screw on the outer container and hold your design inside. This gives you creative freedom over the appearance of your bottle. It also allows you to add some personality to it.

Xiaomi Cup


Water is life. You can easily carry your own personal supply around by using the Xiaomi Cup. It is constructed to hold your water and prevent any leaks or spills from happening. The bottle is made up of two layers of plastic. As such, it can provide excellent protection for your beverage of choice. This iconic, desirable and beautiful cup is currently available for purchase online.

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