Why We Need a Nice Sport Action Camera

Action cameras were originally made for sporting and adventurous activities. however, you don’t have to be a sportsman or mountaineer to appreciate waterproofing, rugged design, portability and raft of other features that the action camera brings along. The action cameras are made to be attached to your car, surfboards, helmets and other objects. They are small in size, easy to operate, very tough and are made to capture high definition videos even when you are moving fast over a wide-angle fish-eye view. SJCAM SJ8 is one of the markets leading action cameras that anyone looking forward to acquiring a fairly priced yet super quality action camera needs to consider.

sjcam sj8


SJCAM SJ8 generally comes with cool conventional action camera design. It is very small in size and weighs below 80g/2.8 oz. the body comes with a smooth plastic with three colors to choose from; pink, black and white. It is a solid build, with a budget version for everyone. It comes with only 2 buttons; the on/off action button and the top button for capturing photos and recording videos. The 2.33” IPS screen allows the users to change settings according to their preferences.


The MicroSD slot and battery compartment are positioned underneath the camera. If you love using a selfie stick, it comes with a tripod hole/mount. You want to get the right version of sjcam sj8 if you need USB-C port, MicroUSB, and MicroHDMI.

sjcam sj8


The most important quality in an action camera that all users look for is the video and photo quality. The SJ8 camera is installed with a 4k resolution feature. It is agreeable that no other camera in the same pricing range brings the 4k resolution. These cameras actually record 4k original resolutions. Other competing cameras alleges to provide 4k recording, but what they actually do is to record Full HD 1080p resolution and perform a scale to 4k, giving poor quality results. It’s great to know that SJ8 actually records 4k originally.

sjcam sj8


SJCAM action cameras have a legacy about their accessories. With the newly introduced SJCAM series, buyers can choose from a wide range of accessories, specifying whether they need the whole package or some accessories or just the camera. The full SJCAM accessories package comes with a wide range of assistant devices to take your experience to the next level.


The SJCAM SJ8 is the best choice if you are looking for an affordable action camera, with an amazing photo and video quality. This series of cameras has managed to bring a high-quality device that is affordable. It is not just the video and photo quality, it packs durable quality build, comes with one of the best touchscreens that can be built in a camera. You want to consider buying your action camera from reputable dealers to get the original deal, guarantees, the right advice and buy at genuine prices.


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