New And Funny Sports Gadgets – part 1


One of the areas that have witnessed massive technological revolution is the sports field. Over the years, sports have moved from mere pastimes to truly amazing exercises that not only inspire the player but also the spectator. Seems like every day, we are treated to some new trend in sports and one particular trend that has captured the news for a while now is virtual training which makes training less strenuous and more inspiring. Even better, there are some new gadgets that have been invented in a bid to take the whole idea of sports to a new level. Let’s find out some of these gadgets.

mini flashing wheels

  1. Mini-Wheels Drifting Roller-Skating Shoes Free Line-Wheels

These shoes feature mini-flashing wheels that are intended to take your experience to the next level. While they come with the obvious features of high speed and stable drift, it is their mini flashing wheels that go a long way in making them stand out as some of the flashiest skating shoes out there. Additionally, they are fairly portable as they only weight a quarter of a kilogram. So what makes them a great choice for sportsmen? Well, with these flashy shoes, you can exercise your arm and leg as well as your waist and even adjust your body balance. If you are looking for trendy sports tech gadgets that fuse elegance with functionality, then look no further than these shoes here.

mini flashing wheels

  1. Xiaomi M365-IP54 Black Folding Two-Wheels Electric Scooter

One thing that makes this two-wheel electric scooter worth having is its minimalistic geometric design that makes movement, carriage, and storage fairly easy. Additionally, these electric scooter wheels come with inflatable rubber tires so you won’t have to worry about having to repeatedly buy the tires when they get worn out. With a double braking system, your safety is guaranteed on the roads despite your current speed or gradient. Another feature that also enhances your safety is the non-slip handle designs that ensure a firmer grip even when your hands get sweaty. The easy-to-see power display ensures you have full control over the display unit. Last but not least, the aluminum alloy in which this gadget is designed ensures maximum durability.


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