New And Funny Sports Gadgets – part 2

  1. Remote-Control Abdominal Muscle-Trainer Smart Body-Building Fitness Toning-Belt

Abdominal muscle training has become the spur these days, as more men seek to build their abs. Considered one of the most ingenious wearable sports electronics, this product enables you to monitor your muscle training using an electric muscle stimulation technique that works by remote control. The wearable sports electronics product comes with an IMATE 20 minutes feature that amounts to over 2000M of running or swimming or 60-minutes worth of sit-ups. There are additional accessories such as an easy-to-use manual, a storage bag as well as an arm gel tape that makes the product work to its optimum.


  1. Original U8 Sport U Watch Bluetooth Smart Wrist Sports Watch Bracelet

Work with both Apple iOS and Android system, this smart sports wrist with 1.48″ Capacitive Touch TFT LCD Screen is popular especially among sport lovers. It provides features like calls, massage, reminder, music, camera control, anti-lost, pedometer, alarm clock, altimeter, barometer, vibration and so on. It is a great choice for someone who are looking for affordable smart sports wristband with fairly enough features.

 funny ball toys

  1. Water Ball Water-Pool Ocean Wave Ball-Baby Funny Toys

Last on our list is this gadget that is bound to up your ball playing techniques. These funny ball toys are designed with healthy PVC so you can get them freely for your children without worrying about your kids getting sick from possible harmful radiations. You can inflate them when they run out of gas and one thing that especially makes them an ideal gift for your little ones is the wide array of colors in which they come.

funny ball toys


The above-mentioned gadgets are just some of the most recent releases that seek to enhance our sports experience. It doesn’t matter what game you like to play or watch, these gadgets will stimulate your desire to play, watch and learn more about the game while still enjoying the fun experience of using them.



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