Newest Launched U11 Smart Watch For Various Uses

Today, I’ d like to introduce you the newest launched smart watch, named U11 smart watch. This watch is super advanced, multifunctional and multipurpose, suitable for various uses in daily life.U11 Smart WatchTo know how useful and practical this smart watch actually is clearly, you can read the following.U11 Smart Watch-1This smart watch supports intelligent call. When connected with mobile via Bluetooth, you can choose to dial number by Bluetooth call or SIM call. The watch rings or vibrates when there is an incoming call, and you can answer it by the watch and never miss any calls.U11 Smart Watch-2This Bluetooth smart watch features APP notification and music. When installed the APK on mobile, the U11 supports APP messages push which run on phone taskbar, i.e. QQ, Wechat, SMS, Missed Calls, Trademanager, Weather, notification at the first moment, and you will never miss important information. Moreover, sync and play the phone music by Bluetooth connection with mobile, you can enjoy fantastic music. U11 Smart Watch-3This U11 smart watch can also help you to find phone. When the phone is left over the distance of 5 to 10 meters, this watch will alarm with ringtone or vibration.U11 Smart Watch-4This smart watch can be used as E-compass and remote camera, quite useful and helpful when having outdoor activities.U11 Smart Watch-5With pedometer, this watch allows you to enjoy sports, free your hands and know the distance, time, calories anytime anywhere. This watch has sleep monitor, able to evaluate your sleep quality.U11 Smart Watch-6Besides, this smart watch features sedentary remind. 70% people are sub-health. Sedentary is for most office workers. The watch will vibrate and remind you to relax body for timely rest and avoiding fatigue.

It is no doubt from the above that this newest launched U11 smart watch is really advanced, multifunctional and multipurpose, playing multiple roles in daily life. It is easy to see that this smart watch is worth possessing.

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