Compared with what we have seen with models like the Fiido M1 or Fiido D11, the packaging of the Niubility B14 is more compact, despite the way that the collapsing electric bike is conveyed, nearly as of now amassed: it may be essential to fix the handlebar, utilizing a hexagonal wrench remembered for the bundle, mount the seat and position the pedals, which are made of plastic and they are not foldable.

Niubility electric bike

In addition to the bicycle and the segments to assemble, the package additionally incorporates a charger with an Italian socket, which will be associated legitimately to the furthest limit of the edge close to the seat, where there is the passageway for the fitting, covered by an elastic cap. There are likewise two curved plastic guards, which come out pre-installed on the bike.


The design of the Niubility B14 you may like it, or you dislike it. The frame is made with a V-shaped aluminum alloy profile, in the focal point of which there is the structure’s opening system, and at the back includes a level surface where you can mount – for instance – a bundle rack or even a trunk. Furthermore, no, you won’t have the option to put someone else there because, above all else, it is hazardous, yet additionally, because except if you two arrive at 100 kg of weight, the 400w brushless engine would not have the option to manage the load.


The engine of the Niubility B14 is an astounding perpetual magnet brushless da 400w, which, combined with the battery from 15 Ah and 48v, guarantees to the bike an incredible couple, beneficial both beginning and moving. As per the organization, this bicycle ought to have the option to cover inclines of 30 ° in any case. I was scarcely ready to surpass 22 °. What’s more, it is anything but an awful objective, particularly considering my weight, which is well over the 60Kg of “ideal” weight that the organization utilizes for the bicycle statistics.

As we have just referenced, the Niubility B14 electric bike can work both in pedal help mode and in a full-electric mode, which, we should recall, in Italy is illegal: the accelerator it has been embedded to the side of the handlebar and is incorporated into the structure. It is practically invisible.

Niubility B14 electric bike

Not surprisingly, the three electric help modes are overseen by the on-board PC and lead separately to 15 Km/h, 20 Km/h e 25 Km/h. Again, however, the force sensor is missing. The motor turns over only with the pedal sensor, making a few beginnings very troublesome, incredibly those tough. To exploit the pedal help, you should pedal for around 1/4 of a turn prior to feeling the electric motor push or straightforwardly utilizing the choke. However, maybe the most un-charming point is that given the absence of the force sensor, it seems as though the engine can’t “see” what amount is the quality of the principal pedal stroke. It could happen that give all the couple promptly, making the beginning excessively quick: my recommendation is to choose the least helpful mode prior to setting off.


The battery of the Niubility B14 it’s lithium-based. As indicated by the company, it ought to permit you to go around 100 km with minimal pedaling assistance and roughly 500 charge cycles. Nonetheless, we have come to about 50 km with the most extreme help, approximately 80 km with insignificant help ea around 30 km utilizing it only with the quickening agent, which isn’t terrible, particularly thinking that Avellino is a city brimming with good and bad times and that I am not among the skinniest on the planet.

Rather slow charging, which takes around 8 hours (for a full charge cycle). A too lengthy time, which is anyway legitimized by the large battery – in that capacity – it genuinely takes more time to be filled with energy.


Regardless, having gotten comfortable with the pedal help the activation system and recollecting that it is better to start with the less powerful help. To drive the Niubility B14, it is a delight, and the seat is very comfortable even on less uniform road surfaces. This gratitude goes to the shock absorbers and the superb padded seat, which practically eliminates all vibrations.


In short, the driving experience in the Niubility B14 is lovely; the positioning and the state of the barrel likewise make it simple to jump on and off the seat, and the wheels combined with the shock absorbers and the saddle make it entirely agreeable for the city. This Niubility B14 Electric Bike is accessible at

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