I remember traveling with my fully packed traveling box while going on a business trip with a business partner. On our arrival at the venue, our luggage was offloaded and to my surprise, my traveling box was more robust than my partner’s. I was undoubtedly amazed and I walked up to my partner. I was so eager to know if she planned to leave earlier because it doesn’t look like she will stay for the seven days as planned mere looking at her traveling box. On getting to the hotel room, she then unveils the secret. She packed more than I did but she had a well-organized luggage. I had my clothes, accessories, shoes, and makeup stuffed in my traveling box leaving no space for any extra and the clothes squeezed while she had her’s neatly arranged and well ironed. At the end of the trip, I took time out to arrange my traveling box and guess what! The load fits in perfectly well with extra spaces. I know some people are just like me. Looking for a way to pack your suitcase or luggage, there are over a dozen different ways but let’s take a look at some ways to pack a well-organized suitcase.



  1. Display all necessary materials in an open space:

Select everything you will need for the trip such as clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, charger, laptop. Avoid leaving anything out so as not to forget anything. Having them displayed makes you decide the best way they can be packed either by folding or rolling or using packing bags etc. when choosing clothes for your trip, do not hesitate to choose more tops than bottoms and preferably fabrics that resist wrinkles.

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  1. Arrange each material base in their category:

The clothes go first. Roll softer fabrics like T-shirts, pants at the bottom layer of the suitcase as they resist wrinkle. Fold stiffer clothes. You can fold two clothes of the same texture together to conserve space and stack the folded fabrics on each other neatly beside the rolled fabrics. On the other hand, you can make use of the Xiaomi Anti-dust Covers. It keeps your cloth neat, well organized and wears resistant. Xiaomi Anti-Dust Covers fit well irrespective of your suitcase. It keeps your cloth well organized.

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  1. Wear the heaviest pair and pack the lightest:

When packing your shoes, because of the shapes of heels and size, they tend to consume more space. It is easy to conserve space by wearing the heaviest shoes and stuffing others in a resealable bag.


  1. Your accessories and beauty product:

Store your accessories and beauty products in a simple makeup case or jewelry bag. With that, they can be easily tucked in the side corners of the bag.


  1. Secure all breakables:

You might want to go along with liquor or wine, have them tucked in between your clothes or place them in the center of your bag.


Going on a trip becomes easy when you make the best use of the smart tips and some useful tools like the Xiaomi Clothing Covers to have your package well organized.

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