The Original Xiaomi mi Band 2- The Smartest Wearable Fitness Tracker(part 1)


If you are planning to buy a pedometer that will track every activity you do in the entire day then the original Xiaomi mi 2 band is what you should be considering. The Xiaomi mi band 2 was released this year in the month of June, is the only fitness tracker to have a display screen and a touchpad.

original xiaomi mi band 2

This lightweight wearable fitness tracker has every feature that a fitness enthusiast would want in a fitness tracker and is also reasonably priced. Just like the other Xiaomi fitness bands like the xiaomi mi band 1s, the Xiaomi mi band 2 has an optical heart rate sensor which will detect your heart rate in real-time. This heart rate sensor allows you to modify your mode of movement scientifically and also tells you the number of calories you can consume. But unlike the xiaomi mi band 1s, this latest model – the original xiaomi mi band 2, is more advanced and of ergonomics design.

 original xiaomi mi band 2

Rich features

Your fitness tracking experience will be more enhanced, thanks to the OLED 0.42-inch display with the touchpad and the battery. The tracking unit of the xiaomi 2 band is IP67- certified and it is scratch proof and also waterproof. You can see your total steps for the day, the calories you have burned and the distance you have covered on the display screen. Under the tracking unit, there is a heart rate monitor which touches your skin and tracks your heart rate.

original xiaomi mi band 2

Stronger than ever

The 70 mAh battery is very powerful and once you charge the xiaomi band 2 fully, you can use it for monitoring your daily activities, monitoring your sleeping pattern and track your heart rate for approximately 20 days. You can do all of this on a single charge! Apart from tracking your fitness activities and your heart rate, you can also receive notifications for text messages, calls and a few selected applications. So, basically, you don’t need to worry about your xiaomi band 2 for out of power like your cellphone time to time.

original xiaomi mi band 2

I know, lots of you guys are the ‘MI fans’ and looking forward so desperately about the xiaomi mi band 3. Since the xiaomi mi band 3 haven’t released yet, so the xiaomi mi band 2 is still one of the most powerful smart sports bands in the industry. We will keep exploring all the details about the amazing features of the xiaomi mi 2 band in the next chapter.




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