An Overview of MGcool Explorer Pro 2 Action Camera


Sporting is something that a lot of people enjoy playing. It is not only an excellent way to keep the body fit but also a good way to spend leisure time. If you take part in any sports like skiing, swimming, and many others, you should consider obtaining a sport camera. It is a great way to help you treasure those precious moments of your life forever.


One of the best sports cameras out there is the MGcool Explorer Pro 2 action camera. It is a great camera fitted with great functionalities to help you capture every moment of your sports life. So, what does this MGcool Explorer Pro 2 camera has to offer? Below is a comprehensive review.

 MGcool Explorer Pro 2 action camera


One of the major concerns for any sports fan is obtaining a fast camera which will permit them to capture not just the action in the field, but the high adrenaline rush and the fierce ambiance of that very minute.


This sports camera caters for that by ensuring you record great quality 4K Ultra HD video at 25fps for sports capturing with Sony IMX179 sensor. You cannot miss any moment with this MGcool Explorer Pro 2 sport camera.

 MGcool Explorer Pro 2 action camera


One of the most important components of any camera is the lens. It has a direct impact on the quality of photos to be produced. MGcoo knows this and has fitted this camera with a 6G Sharkeye lens which is supposed to assist you in correcting distortion of a video. This lens outdoes the traditional lenses when it comes to the transmittance of light and color revivification.

 MGcool Explorer Pro 2 action camera

Shooting angle

MGcool Explorer Pro 2 action camera has a large view angle, 170 wide angle with 2-inch touch screen which ensures excellent shooting vision showing you the details of almost every corner in a realistic way. You can shoot slow-motion videos to view slow motions under this mode. This makes it well–suited for sports video shooting.



The camera comes with a tough and durable waterproof case, which can resist underwater up to 30 meters. This ensures you can capture good moments even in sports that involve underwater like diving.



Want to ingrate this camera with your phone? MGcool Explorer Pro 2 provides that easily through built-in integrated Wi-Fi module which ensures stable Wi-Fi connection between the two.

 MGcool Explorer Pro 2 action camera


Going out to hiking sports requires a durable battery. This MGcoo camera is fitted with a built-in 1050mAh capacity battery. It can last for 100 minutes while using 4K resolution.



MGcool Explorer Pro 2 sport camera comes in an ergonomic grip design support give to stable handling and smooth operation. It is also very lightweight making it easy to take with while on the move.



Do not miss those great sport moments of your life. You need MGcool Explorer Pro 2 action camera to help you treasure them.


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