Record your happiest moments like never before with Xiaomi action cameras


Telling a story is something and showing it is something else. If you have great moments and like to share it with people then you need proof.


Action cameras now is a must if you like to live life adventurously. These cameras let you live the moment again and again. It records your happiest or boldest moments like never before. That is why they are so trendy that you will rarely find a family or a person do not own one of these action cameras. Their small sizes and high quality make them on demand and that is why lots of companies produce them today and fight to win hearts of the travelers or adventure lovers.

xiaomi yi 2 4k

Let us take an example Xiaomi cameras: Xiaomi yi 2 4k then we will check xiaomi 4k+

The xiaomi yi 2 4k features:

  • LCD display: 2.19-inch LCD display that has a 640×360 resolution while the pixel density is 330ppi.
  • Image sensor: It can shoot videos in 4k HD resolution with 30 frames per second
  • Lens: it has 7 layers of optical glass and angle of 155 degrees, which is top priority if you are shooting at night
  • Battery: it is 1400mAh and it work for about 120 minutes continually. You can charge it with USB charger or use your laptop.
  • WiFi: Bitrate is up to 60Mbps

xiaomi yi 2 4k

The xiaomi yi 4k+ has some more features including:

  • LCD size is 2.2 inch and has not only WiFi but also Bluetooth.
  • Its bitrate is up to 120Mbps.
  • Records 4k at 60 fps
  • Last but not the least the ability to handle low light is better in this newer version of xiaomi yi action.

xiaomi yi 2 4k

If you got the xiaomi yi camera then you need to have the xiaomi yi 2 4k action camera waterproof case: which is made from high-quality transparent material to ensure you get a clear photo under the water. So it’s a must for surfing or diving lovers and its a good addition for families with kids that like to play with cameras. It’s a real protector.


And for those who like to take photos on the go, I assure you that you will need the xiaomi gopro suction cup and the buckle and other tripods or mounts which are needed for secure the camera to the car or the boat, so you drive safely while your xiaomi yi 4k do the work for you.


The other name for xiaomi yi action camera is joy, and they are good news for people like us but its bad news for other action cameras that are in the market

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