Rockbros Polarized Cycling Glasses Review

Summer is coming, and polarized glasses is indispensable. Among all the glasses on the market, Rockbros polarized cycling glasses is my favorite. I like the glasses very much because of its amazing and remarkable features, which will be explained in the following in details.
Rockbros polarized cycling glasses
Incredibly lightweight contributes to the comfort of eye-wear and I can not even feel wearing it.
Rockbros polarized cycling glasses
Adjustable nose pads are available to customize the fit of my glasses.
Frame is made of thermoplastic, the perfect material for eye-wear, which makes the glasses has excellent flexibility and durability.
Rockbros polarized cycling glasses
Lenses are made of polycarbonate which is also used in bullet-proof glass, riot shields, and astronaut helmets, extremely high impact resistance.
Polarized lenses are made in injection process, not only to perfect lens shape, but also to decrease eye fatigue and increase comfort for eyes.
It has inherent UV protection, block 100% of UVA, UVB /UVC rays, and harmful blue light to 400nm.
Rockbros polarized cycling glasses
It has 5 interchangeable lens with different colors, and I can choose the best fitted one in different occasions.
The glasses can be used for riding, cycling, outdoor activities, mountaineering, tourism, and so on.

By now, you can easily see why I like this Rockbros polarized cycling glasses most from the above. If you need polarized glasses, I sincerely recommend this glasses to you. If you purchase it, you can get five pairs of glasses for different uses.

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