The scooter has evolved – this is the age of electric powered scooters

During the last fifteen years or so the humble scooter, that children have been using for years, has evolved. First came the foldable scooter that even allowed commuters to have a compact and handy travel aid. Made of lightweight yet strong materials, it has become a popular way of getting around. Today, scooters have taken another leap forward. They are now electric powered and have the ability to self-balance.


They are not just for kids. Some electric scooters can reach speeds up to and exceed 15km/h. Of course, some are designed with kids in mind and have speeds more suitable for youngsters. Adult scooters go faster and are more robust and are designed with the commuter in mind.

electric self balancing scooter

Razor E300

There are many brands on offer. One popular brand is the Razor E300. With a top speed of 24km/h on a 40-minute charge, it is suitable for older children and adults. Useful for commuting and a quick trip to the shops, the Razor E300 is the perfect travel electric scooter.


Xiaomi Mi

One stylish electric self balancing scooter to consider is the Mi Electric Scooter by Xiaomi. Its foldable and stylish design sets it apart. With a double braking system and bright headlight, this is a scooter designed purely for the commuter and enthusiast. It can do 16.6 miles on one charge and is made of a lightweight material coming in at just under 27lbs. It folds compactly and can be carried with ease when not in use.

electric self balancing scooter

BEBK Electric Scooter

This is another electric scooter designed for commuting. It is lightweight, like the Mi, and fully foldable. Its battery life is good too giving you 15 miles on one four hour charge. It can reach speeds of 18 km/h so it is okay for adults and children. With front and back braking system, it is safe too.

electric xiaomi scooter

Partu Electric Scooter

Of all the brands featured here, the Partu is one for the adults. Having a top speed of 27 km/h, it is fast for a small scooter. It is perfect for commuting and those short, yet essential, journeys. It is stylish and very modern.


No longer a toy for children, the scooter has evolved into a true alternative to bicycles and petrol powered bikes. They are handy, fast and economical. If you wish to save the planet and reduce the necessity of fossil fuels, such as petrol, then the electric scooter is a perfect choice. The fact that many, if not all, electric scooters are foldable, and it makes them the perfect commuter vehicle. With powerful and modern motors they are designed for speed to get you where you need to go safely and in style.

electric xiaomi scooter

Personally, they are the best thing for me. I use an electric scooter to get me to work. It’s not a long trip but it is better than walking all the time. I simply charge up when at work. The great thing is even if I run out of charge (or forget to charge up) I can simply fold the scooter and carry it. If there are any questions or trip ideas on the blog we would love to hear from our readers.

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