Scuba Diving Gloves Keep Your Hands Secure And Warm Underwater

Do you want to keep your hands secure and warm underwater when diving? If yes, here is a suggestion for you, that is wearing Scuba diving gloves when diving. The pair of gloves is purposely designed for diving, aiming to protect your hands from hurt and keep your hands warm underwater. If you are curious about it, you can read the following for more detailed information.

Scuba Diving GlovesMaterial: neoprene+nylon+sponge
Color: black
Size: S: 26X10CM
M: 27X10.3CM
L: 27X10.5CM

Scuba Diving Gloves-1 Made of 3mm elastic neoprene material and with large scale anti-slip material on the palm
Incredibly durable, secure and comfortable to wear
With velcro wrist closure, adjusting the tightness to fit your hands and getting rid of worrying about getting loose

Scuba Diving Gloves-2Specifically designed for scuba diving, snorkeling, working under/above the water, or any other activities near water
To protect your hands from hurt by rocks or other sharp objects and keep your hands pretty warm during your underwater work

According to the above information, it is no doubt that this pair of Scuba diving gloves is really great and perfect for underwater activities. If you wear it for diving or winter swimming, your hands will be secure and comfortable underwater.

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