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Gadgets and electronic devices are all over the market worldwide. Everything that you can think of can be connected or be done with an electronic device. This generation of electronics are mostly created “the smart” way, a smart device is basically an electronic gadget that has the capability of sharing, connecting or interacting with other smart devices. Thus, we introduce another product, a part of the smart device industry, the smartwatch. Due to the rise of thousands of diverse illnesses, people are becoming more enthusiastic about healthy living, getting into sports activities, and going for the eco-friendly merchandise available on the market. Having smartwatches is very convenient for daily activities.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The usual features of a smart watch include a fitness tracker comprised with a heart monitor or counter for your steps daily and a GPS tracker. It also has the feature of being connected with a mobile device that can show messages, calendar, play music, and a whole lot more. However, this device may not be as accurate as other heart monitors when detecting the heart rate, but at least you would have a relative idea of what your heart rate is especially when doing a particular sport or exercising.

LEMFO 4G smart watch

Managing your music with your smartwatch. Imagine how convenient this is! All you have to do is to sync your smartphone with your smartwatch, make sure that your music is included, turn on your Bluetooth on your mobile device, and ta-dah! There you have it! Set the grove and you’re on the move!

xiaomi fitness tracker

There are a lot of themes that you can also choose from, too. Whether you just want to see the time, or if you want your messages and calendar to be seen right away, you can easily tweak it with your own preference! A downside of this is that you cannot actually interact or reply with the tiny device but at least you would not need to pull your mobile phone out of your pocket to be alerted that you have an incoming message or call.

Xiaomi Miband 3

Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi are some of the good brands for smartwatches out in the market. They range from $100 up to $1400. Samsung and Xiaomi are Android ready but Apple watch can only be connected with other Apple devices. Xiaomi however, created this device in a way that can also be used for Apple mobile phones. Of course, the higher the price of the merchandise, the better quality, and more features are included. These prices vary from time to time especially when they’re on sale, out for promotions and coupons are available. So be on the lookout for good finds and search for the best smartwatch that would perfectly fit your budget, style, daily routine, and personal preference.

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