Super Bright Mini LED Headlight For Camping Hiking Fishing

Recently, a new LED headlight appears on the market, called super bright mini LED headlight. This headlight is waterproof, adjustable and bright, great and perfect for camping, hiking, fishing and other outdoor sports activities. For people who are fond of outdoors recreation, this headlight is a good lighting tool. And now, let’ s have a close look at this outdoor lighting tool together in the following.Super Bright Mini LED Headlight This headlight is approximately 60mm in length, 40mm in width and 35mm in height, only weighing 52g. Its color is white and green, beautiful and attractive. It is easy and convenient to apply and remove. With adjustable headband, you can use more comfortable. This headlight is waterproof, but it can not be put it into water.Super Bright Mini LED Headlight-1This super bright mini LED headlight applies R3+2 LED, featuring 4 modes, namely white light strong, white light weak, red LED bright and red LED SOS. The light distance is 80 meters. The LED life span is 100,000 hours, extremely durable for long time use.Super Bright Mini LED Headlight-2This headlight is great for outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, fishing, and so on. Powered by three AAA batteries, this headlight can be used for outdoor lighting to the fullest.

If you are searching for new high quality LED headlight, this super bright mini LED headlight is a good choice for you to have. Taking it with you while having outdoor activities, this headlight can surely work and function well for you.

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