Tactical Head Scarf For Protection And Decoration

Tactical head scarf is not only a piece of cloth for keeping warm in winter, but also a protective equipment against sand and wind when having outdoor activities, even when it is summer. This scarf is undoubtedly great and excellent for protection and decoration. To know what this scarf is really like clearly, you can read the following.

Tactical Head ScarfMaterial: cotton
Color: khaki, brown, red, green, white
Size: 110cm X 110cm
Weight: approx. 200g

Head ScarfSoft cotton material, really comfortable to wear
Knotted tassel ends, fashionable and elegant

Tactical ScarfBeautiful style and color, best decoration
Used as scarf, pashmina, veil, etc
Great for keeping warm in the cold, preventing wind and sand

According to the above information, you can have a clear mind of this protective and decorative tactical head scarf. Regardless of the season, this scarf is a useful and helpful equipment for you to possess. Purchasing it for yourself, you will surely never feel regret.

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