The Best Portable Power Station on Banggood

Notable maker BlitzWolf has remembered for its offer another external power supply BW-PG1, which has a limit of up to 462 Wh/124 800 mAh, an electric 220 V yield as at home, a LED light, and an underlying Bluetooth speaker.

BW-PG1 portable power station

The Design and Build

With its 124,800 mAh limit, the BlitzWolf BW-PG1 is a sort of apocalypse power bank, a versatile generator, as it tends to be charged up to 100W of solar cells, consequently totally autonomous of civilization. It has USB on it, however standard attachments also, so basically anything can be controlled with it.

All things considered, this isn’t a pocket power bank with its 7kg weight and 290*155*190mm size. Luckily, it has ears on top, making it simpler to convey. It has 2 220-240V attachments (max. 500W), yet it is Chinese, however as per the portrayal, a converter accompanies it. It has a limit of 124,800 mAh, 462Wh, and a charger, however, it can likewise be accused of a limit of 100W sun based boards (14-25V).

BW-PG1 power station


Battery Capacity

The BW-PG1 outside force supply has a battery limit of up to 462 Wh/124 mAh. This will offer you enough capacity with respect to a more extended excursion or tent.

BW-PG1 portable power station

LED Light

To add to its charging, the BlitzWolf BW-PG1 likewise has a 5 W crisis LED light. It has up to 4 lighting modes: full light, half-light, strobe, and SOS.

In-Built Speaker 

Notwithstanding charging, the BlitzWolf BW-PG1 portable power station likewise has a really solid crisis LED light which has 4 lighting modes: full light, half-light, strobe, and SOS. It doesn’t just enlighten you yet in addition help you in a crisis. As an additional favorable position, this force station likewise incorporates a Bluetooth speaker. The association is made dynamic utilizing the implicit Bluetooth 4.0.

BW-PG1 portable power station


On account of the sine wave inverter, it guarantees safe charging and low electrical commotion. Charging is so spotless and stable. The station is exceptionally ensured against cheating, unreasonable force; impede overvoltage insurance or warm assurance. This makes it protected to utilize


This portable power station is the best you can find on Banggood. The quality of this gadget is undebatable. I will recommend the BW-PG1 portable power station, should you be looking to purchase a portable power station.

The Best Portable Power Station on Banggood
Article Name
The Best Portable Power Station on Banggood
Camping for some is a monthly or yearly ritual and it is a time to have fun with friends. However, in those camps, there is a need for your gadgets like your phone and laptop to be charged. In this article, we will be looking at the BW-PG1 portable power station which is one of the best available on Banggood.

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