The Review of XANES K8 Smart Watch

Are you currently looking for a new watch? Then we might have found a perfect one for you. Check out the review below for more information about the product we have in mind!

waterproof smart watch


Xanes K8 is a waterproof smart watch that is also very good looking. With its black bracelet made of metal and it’s zinc alloyed metal frame it’s a really elegant watch. The screen is made of tempered glass and protects the watch from getting scratched or destroyed by collision. In the box you get the smart watch, a charging cable and a user manual so that you can get started right away.

waterproof smart watch


The Xanes K8 has many features and considering the cheap price you get much for the money. Of course it has the feature that raising your hand activates the screen. It also has a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, sleep monitor and a pedometer. The watch will help you live healthy and see how much you exercise during your everyday life. Xanes K8 is a waterproof smart watch that you can keep on when you go swimming or while you are doing the dishes. The smart watch has many sports modes as running, climbing and cycling to make it easier for you to track your exercise.

waterproof smart watch

When it comes to the battery of the smart watch it’s very strong. It lasts up to 25 days on stand-by and up to 7 days of active time. It charges fast, in about 2 – 2.5 hours. The screen is 1.3 inches and the watch has a weight of only 36.5 grams. It’s simple to download the application that you can use along with the watch. The Xanes K8 also has a feature that helps you find your phone in case you can’t find it.


Pros and cons

The pros with this smart watch are many. For starters there is the strong battery that lasts really long even when the watch is used regularly. All the features is another pro when it comes to the Xanes K8. It tracks your activity and excersice while checking your heart rate and also tracking your sleep. This watch helps you live a healthier life for a very low price.

When it comes to the cons of the smart watch we must mention the lack of possibility to play music on it. Many smart watches has that as a feature and it’s something that many users appreciate in their watches.

waterproof smart watch


The Xanes K8 is a waterproof smart watch that helps you keep track of your lifestyle. It has a beautiful exterior and many interesting features. You can buy it at a price of around 15 USD, which is a great price for such a good watch. The Xanes K8 is a very good choice as a budget smart watch!


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