The Two Most Important Gears for Camping

Summer has been coming. You know, it’s exactly the season for camping and vacation. Are you going to camping for some days in the city suburbs? Have you gone camping before? And do you really know what the most important gears are you should take for summer camping? Today, we will talk about the top 2 camping gears you must take in summer.

Top 1: Tactical Backpack

No one can go for a camping without a tactical backpack. If there is someone, I have to say that’s not a decent camping. Just as the pictures shows, basically, there is a grab top handle at the backpack. Other features include spacious main compartment with zip around closure, interior zip pocket and mesh pocket, front storage zip compartments, 4 zipper compartments and lots of inside pouches for storing, breathable mesh backing for comfort, strap and ring around the backpack, which are able to add-on pouches and accessories, adjustable shoulder, chest and waist strap, adjustable & removable chest belt and hip belt.

The whole backpack is crafted from nylon fabric and perfect for not only camping but also other outdoor activities.


Top 2: Inflatable Sleeping Bag

As the picture shows, this sleeping bag is fast inflatable, and can be inflated by foot inflation tools magically in seconds. Adopting high-tech single layer material, it effectively prevents gas from leaking and is able to bear 200kg load. What’s more, it is abrasion proof, high temperature resisting, non-ageing, antifouling and waterproof. Equipped with storage bag, it’s also convenient to store.
759a6f53-b536-4e07-afe5-eff9cd576c41The important thing is that the Inflatable Sleeping Bag is presold at deep discounts now on Banggood.

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Are you ready for a summer camping? If not, it just the time. Do not forget these two important gears for preparation.

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    A sleeping bag will keep you warm while you’re sleeping out in the elements, and they’ll cushion your body a little bit too. Most campers elect to bring a sleeping pad too, but this is not absolutely necessary, particularly if you are the type that can sleep anywhere.


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