The Ultimate Equipment for Home Workout

When gyms shut down in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic, it became obvious that expensive gym membership and a certified personal trainer weren’t requirements for achieving our fitness goals. Without access to cardio machines and weight rooms, we learned that building out some kind of home gym could help us stay healthy and active during quarantine times.

Whether you plan to never return to the gym, or you’ll be there on day one when it reopens, having some gym equipment at home is a smart move. In case you are on a weight loss journey, No matter your fitness level or fitness goal, whether it’s to burn calories, lose weight, get your heart rate up, build muscle through strength training or just get healthier, we’ve got the best home/Workplace exercise equipment you can buy. The XMUND XD PT1 Power Tower.



The soft leather backrest can give u the best exercise and elbow pads are a comfortable cushion to the point where you don’t have to use gloves. Product Dimension: 1250x740x2350mm.This power tower will not take up too much space.

The XMUND XD PT1 Power Tower has 6 Levels Height Adjustment. The height-adjustable range is 59-90.5″. The power tower is fit for the entire family workout, convenient for all ages including youth, midlife, and the elderly. You can place it at home, the gym, or at the office.


The power tower is made to suit Multi-function Equipment. This workout equipment can be used for pull-ups, push-ups, chin up, knee raise and dips, main training abdominal muscles, arm, back, chest, shoulders, and leg muscles.

XMUND XD PT1 Power Tower 1


The XMUND XD PT1 Power Tower has a Sturdy Construction with Excellent square steel materials, high density, anti-pressure, thick and stability, our power tower can hold up to 300lbs. Sturdy and durable, also it is easy to assembly.  It is also foldable making it easy to transport and store.

The options are seemingly endless, from high-end smart workout equipment, rowing machines, treadmills and elliptical, to budget-friendly and space-saving options like resistance bands, weights, foam rollers, yoga mats, and kettlebells but the XMUND XD PT1 Power Tower is a must-have especially now that we are all avoiding the gym due to the pandemic. It’s workable in all areas and helps you lose weight with its multi-functional equipment. Make sure to buy one of these power towers and begin your journey to fitness. Go for your passion shopping on banggood today and make your order. And being the global leading online shop, we will ensure that we deliver it right in time.

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