Things you need for a long cycle riding


Biking for long-distance travel, the first thing to prepare is a good quality bike. If it is possible, it is best to use a dedicated 27-inch all-terrain bicycle designed for bike travel. This type of bike is generally equipped with front and rear frame, and is able to load 150 kg (including riders) above, has a better shock absorption, light and strong, able to adapt to a variety of road conditions. Before departure, you must master the bicycle adjustment and repair, including tire repair, replacement of the chains, the brake block, adjust the front axle, repair the flywheel and so on.

bike head scarf

  1. Dressing

Must wear helmets, sunglasses, gloves, riding pants, headscarf. The bicycle gloves are important for both summer times and winter times. In hot days, it will be breathable, wear resistant, anti-seismic. And in cold days, it will keep your hands warm. I will also recommend the headscarf which is the most popular outdoor headgear equipment using the special high-performance 100% polyester microfiber. This bike head scarf is windproof, breathable, absorbent, quick-drying, soft, and can be used as a headband, scarf, head belt, sandstorm cover, hairband, wristband. It protects your face and neck from ultraviolet, sunlight and dust. Except for being useful, it’s also cool and stylish showing you a cycle lovers.


  1. Comfortable seat

The seat should not be too high or too low, is appropriate when you feel comfortable personally. Basically, the handlebar should be the same height with the seat, height difference within 3 to 5 cm. Long-distance riding carrying a backpack is very tired and uncomfortable, so you’d better install a bag mount.

bike head scarf

  1. Kettle

A sports riding kettle is essential because timely replenishment is extremely important for prolonged exercise. It is best to install a water kettle mount, so drinking will be more convenient. Another option is the bicycle water bag made of environment-friendly and non-toxic TPU material. It is foldable, light, and easy to carry. The design of water tube connected to the bottom of the bladder with locking system, make it more convenient for drinking. With screw cover, the wider mouth is for larger water storage. Tight sealing processing makes it leakproof and keeps water well so that you can drink healthier water.


  1. Other equipment

Flashlights, chargers, rain gear, mobile power banks (solar powered), GPS, commonly used emergency drugs such as gauze and sunstroke medicine, simple repair tools such as tire repair tools and chain lubricants. If you plan to have a camping, then tents, sleeping bags, mosquito repellent and simple life toiletries are also essential. If the road is farther, you can also bring some simple stove cooking utensils.


  1. Healthy and good attitude

Please keep in mind the safety awareness and a heart to never give up.

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