Three Best Gift Ideas for Men

Men should be the easiest to buy gift for, especially those with an interest in cycling. They are always buying new technology, accessories or clothes to accompany their pride and joy.

Finding the right gift can be very difficult, however, cyclists can also be very picky (you’ll have a hard time finding groups that are more obsessed with sock height or color coordination).

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life, worry not. We’ve rounded up three e-bikes we’re sure they will love.


1. LAOTIE PX5 Electric Bike

The LAOTIE PX5 is quite an affordable e-bike that looks nice and portable. It is equipped with a 350 W motor and can reach a top speed of 35 km/h. But it is better to keep your speed below 25 km/h while driving, otherwise, you may violate local laws.

Like the LAOTIE PX7, it has a lightweight yet strong and reliable aluminum-metal frame. Equipped with a 7-speed Shimano transmission and 20-inch thick tires, it can be adapted to different road conditions.


In addition, the bike has a collapsible design that allows for a smaller footprint and can even be placed in the trunk of a car. Of course, if you are allowed to take your folding bike to your state subway, you can ride it to and from work. Yes, the LAOTIE PX5 Electric Bike is one of those bikes specially designed to make your commute to and from work easy.

2. FIIDO D4s Electric Bike

The FIIDO D4s Electric Bike hits the perfect balance between quality and price. It’s one of the cheapest electric bike but doesn’t cut corners when it comes to build quality.

The FIIDO D4s Electric Bike is powered by a 250W high-speed motor specially crafted for commuting to work. The electric motor provides the extra help you need on uphill climbs. That’s more than enough power for your daily commute, mountain trip, or hike on your favorite trail.



In full e-bike mode, the bike reaches a top speed of 36 km/h. You can also select an assist mode with three different power options. The small bicycle handlebar controller allows you to easily adjust the mode to suit your needs.

The FIIDO D4s Electric Bike is relatively light 18.5 kg, so you can lift it up a bit if you need to.

3. ADO A20 Electric Bike

The ADO A20 Electric Bike adopts a smooth automatic shifting, rear and front hydraulic disc brakes and a professional 7-speed manual transmission from Shimano. Its sharp design is complemented by its technological features, with a monitor embedded in the crossbar and integrated LED front and rear lights controlled by the display.

Drive-in high-power mode for a top speed of 31 km/h with minimal effort, or ride with relative ease without the pedals, apart from the 62-pound frame (which comes with a free trunk and fenders). It promises a range of up to 60 km per charge, well above industry standards. No wonder ADO calls it one of their best electric bike.




There you have it, all the electric bikes that have been reviewed above are perfect considerations for men’s gifts. They are easy to ride, portable and quite affordable too. If you like any of these electric bikes and want to get one, I will recommend you visit Banggood.

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Three Best Gift Ideas for Men
Article Name
Three Best Gift Ideas for Men
Chrismas is just by the door and there is no better time to get your present ready than now. Everyone desires to be loved and appreciated and that includes men. Today, I will be showing you three awesome gifts every man will cherish.

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