With more and more focus on fitness and good health, people are moving towards healthier lifestyles that include a good diet and daily workout. People all around the globe are confidently sharing their fitness experiences with others, encouraging sports activities and routines to reach the goals of staying fit and healthy. While taking the start of a good workout and fitness routine may not be that hard, maintaining it can take extremely hard work.


Several fitness experts have urged individuals to track some vital signs that show the results, thus helping oneself to stay motivated till the end. Tech and fitness gadgets are numerous, with every brand claiming to have used the best and advanced technology. Most of these gadgets are extremely expensive and not worth the money. Xiaomi’s reasonably priced gadgets have, however, not only help users in maintaining a healthy sports life, but have also made them fun and exciting.

xiaomi yi 2 4k action camera


The xiaomi yi action camera has the ability to shoot a video in the 4k format, at 60 Mbps and 30 fps. Making sports activities fun and memorable, this camera helps users overcome the monotony in games and sports, helping users to share their experience in excellent quality with others. The xiaomi yi camera has an energy efficient chip (generation Ambarella A9SE75) and a Sony IMX377 matrix. With 7-layered glass lens, so that xiaomi yi action camera will make you love the experience of adrenaline rushes and competitive sports. You can also put on a Protective Frame Shell Cover for xiaomi yi 2 4k action camera.

xiaomi yi 2 4k action camera


A healthy lifestyle is difficult to achieve without tracking daily or weekly milestones. The xiaomi mi band 2 is a low-cost band that tracks the heart rate. The xiaomi 2 band also helps track the sleeping patterns, is water resistant and has a battery that lasts through the week. Its pedometer algorithm filters out the unnecessary movements to help track better. With its efficient motion sensors and an idle alert, the gadget is a great fitness companion. In case you have your cell phone tucked into your pockets, the xiaomi watch 2 alerts you of any calls or messages by vibrating on your wrist.

xiaomi yi 2 4k action camera


If you want to go for a group workout or sports activity, having a drone to record it all would not be a bad idea! The xiaomi 4k fpv drone records videos in 4k, at 30 fps and 1080p. Its integrated camera has a 3-axis gimbal stabilization, capable of brilliant photography even from 4 km away. With 27 minutes battery time and many other features, it is a must have for a game out with family or friends.

xiaomi yi 2 4k action camera

You can also use the xiaomi scale which is a smart scale measuring your body data like weigh, muscle mass, fat level, water, bone mass, BMI, evaluating the body score for you so that you will know your workout achievement. Users have reviewed the products online, using terms like “worth buying”, “best price” and “works great”. With their great prices and excellent quality, these products will definitely turn your healthy lifestyle into wonderful experiences, making it easier to continue and much more fun.

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