Every picture has a story to tell. The intricacy of the stories a picture can tell all depend on you, the photographer. Reason being the details of a picture, hence its stories, are determined by how and when you took the photo. What do I mean ‘by how and when you take the picture’? Well, ‘when’ implies the time, or should I say, the setting the picture is taken in e.g is it at night or is it during a war e.t.c. Then ‘how’ refers to the way you held the camera or used it.

camera stabilizer

The setting in which you take a photograph is not always controlled by you, it’s mostly time and chance. However, the way you hold and use the camera can be modified to enhance your images. I will show you one way of improving the way you take pictures. This is by using a camera stabilizer.

 camera stabilizer

What is a camera stabilizer?

A camera stabilizer is a device that prevents your camera from any unwanted movements as you take a picture. This will help you get good quality pictures in almost every shot. Though again it depends on how good your camera stabilizer is. So for best results get a good quality stabilizer.

camera stabilizer

How do I pick a good camera stabilizer?

For you to pick the stabilizer the best stabilizer you need to ask yourself the following questions:

1) How do you intend to be moving whilst taking a picture or video?

Motion is a very big factor when it comes to picking a stabilizer. Because of the wide variety of camera stabilizers that are in existence. So you should know whether your camera will be attached to a moving car, or it will be by your side if let’s say you are skydiving.

2) What type of camera do you have?

This will help you determine the size design and material of the stabilizer you will pick. Make sure you know as much information about your camera before buying a stabilizer. This knowledge will make picking the right camera stabilizer much easier.

3) How much time do you need to set it up?

If your taking photos of something like landscapes or other still objects you wouldn’t mind using a stabilizer that takes time to set-up. But if you want to record fast, action-packed moments you need to look for a stabilizer that is much easier to set-up.

4) How much money do you have?

This is the most important question you need to ask yourself before you can make any purchase, no matter what your buying. Know the stabilizers that are in your price range. This will help get the best stabilizer for your budget.

camera stabilizer

It is these 4 steps that helped me pick an excellent stabilizer for my skateboarding youtube videos. So whatever you want to use your stabilizer for I would recommend you to go through the four questions before you purchase your stabilizer.

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