U11 Bluetooth Smart Watch: World’ s First SIM Card Smart Watch

The topic today is about the world’ s first SIM card smart watch, called U11 Bluetooth smart watch. This watch supports micro SIM, and it is slim and removable, making it multifunctional and practical in daily life.U11 Bluetooth Smart Watch To know more details about this smart watch, you can continue reading, and the following will display it to you clearly.U11 Bluetooth Smart Watch-1This smart watch has three version, namely iron gray drawing, silver sandblasting, black drawing, all of which are cool and amazing. You can choose the one you prefer while purchasing.U11 Bluetooth Smart Watch-2This U11 Bluetooth smart watch applies stainless steel super metal case, making it super sturdy and durable for long time use.U11 Bluetooth Smart Watch-3This smart watch has a shining 320*320 HD curve capacitive LCD screen, which is scratch resistant, having exquisite clear pictures and quick response. You can easily operate it by lightly tap of screen, browse menu by sliding, to enjoy a perfect visual experience by full fit screen processing.U11 Bluetooth Smart Watch-4This smart watch supports simple charging. You only need to post the charging shell to the magnetic point of the watch, quite safe and easy.

It is quite clear from the above that this U11 Bluetooth smart watch is super advanced and practical for use. If you are searching for high quality high performance smart watch, this new advanced U11 is absolutely your top choice.

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