Uncover The Promise Of The Xiaomi QICYCLE Bike -part 1



The concept of healthy lifestyle is no longer a fad; it has become an indispensable part of our everyday living. Over the recent years, there has been a surge in the number of devices and gadgets that are designed to enable us to try and lead healthy and stress-free lives.

Xiaomi QICYCLE Bike

From fitness trackers to smartphones and electric bikes; many people are now blissfully pursuing this once elusive goal. Speaking of electric bikes, one brand that has deservedly earned a name for its comfort, convenience, and high-functionality is the Xiaomi QICYCLE Bike and in this article, we shall look at the promise this innovative bike holds for users.

Xiaomi QICYCLE Bike

Admirable Features:

High Speed

One of the most admirable features of the xiaomi bike is the relatively high speed the bike boasts of. This is made possible by the 3-speed internal engine-hub that is powered by the bike’s high-speed motor. With the motor able to deliver 250-watt 36-volt, achieving speeds of 27 miles an hour is almost a breeze. In fact, when you are only coasting along and not pedaling at all, the bike can still achieve a speed of 20 kph, making your flat road cruises fun and easy. In this case, riding the xiaomi bike will save you lots of more times than the normal bike.

 Xiaomi QICYCLE Bike

Great for Flat Roads As Well As Uphill Climbs

The xiaomi mi bike weighs a whopping 32 pounds and in all honesty, this does not make it one of the lightest bikes though compared to other foldable bikes, we cannot really say it is too heavy. And considering the fact that the bike is designed with 16-inch wheels, the rider would have to pedal more as compared to bikes of larger wheel sizes. Not to worry though, as there is one redeeming feature that makes the weight and apparent difficulty in pedaling lesser of a concern, and that’s the electric motor. The electric motor ensures that even when you are pedaling uphill or on unforgiving terrain, you will never run out of energy as it will kick in and deliver the much-needed boost under such circumstances. The electric scooter throttle is also well-made for speeding up.

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