Uncover the Xiaomi MI band 2

In the present day, health fitness is quite crucial with the emergence of different lifestyle diseases associated with unhealthy living. However its common for most individuals to fail to track their fitness levels. In the process of tracking your fitness, it is very crucial to know the distance traveled, number of steps taken, amount of calories burned as well as the amount of sleep you acquire. This is greatly made possible with the help of the mi band 2 designed and manufactured by xiaomi.


With the great diversification on the features and properties of this band, it is worth buying despite the price ranges. With an impeccable 42 inch OLED display which is Uv coated, scratch resistant as well as anti-fingerprint, this band is really stylish allowing you to have it on during your day to day activities. Another feature that enhances this is its light weight which makes the band unnoticeable in your daily activities. It is also dust and water resistant thus allowing you to have it under in any environmental condition.

mi band 2

The most admirable feature of this band is the diversification of the number of purposes it can serve as broken down into detail below:

  1. The mi band 2allows you to track your heart rate- This is one of the core roles played by the smart band. However from a couple of reviews, it is important to that for the accuracy of readings, one should be very still or else it might miss the correct reading.
  2. Tracking of physical activities- Other than monitoring your workout, the band also has a great feature that monitors your sleep as well. It automatically detects whether you are deep asleep or lightly sleeping.
  3. The mi band also has an additional feature that allows it to work as a morning alarm- Alarms are often irritating to most people hence how the band alarm operates is quite unique and interesting since it just vibrates without disturbing the people around.
  4. Another feature of the smart band is the ability to inform you of any notification whether a text message or a call by buzzing on your wrist. However, it is important to note that for this integration with your phone, it should have an android version above 4.4.
  5. Idleness is quite discouraged when using the mi band 2 since if it notices that you are inactive for an hour it notifies you through a vibration using the idle alert feature thus reminding you to at least move around.

mi band 2

The list of enjoyable features of mi band 2 is endless and it is greatly advisable for you to obtain one in order to enjoy the benefits listed above and many more.


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