Useful And Functional Bike Laser Tail Light

Bike Laser Tail Light

Bike Laser Tail Light

With the development of society, many new technologies have been applied to subjects in our daily life, and there in no exception of the bike laser tail light. It has adopts many new technologies to provide more services for people and being more convenience to people.

Bike laser tail light is not just a small subject, but an essential and vital thing to our safety when we go outside to enjoy the time of cycling. This important subject features the wireless braking warning function so as to warn the behind vehicles to keep safe distance. The wireless brake warning applies intelligent detection technology, equipped with intelligent control chip, build-in ultra-sensitive detection elements. With 5 superbright red LED indicators and 2 parallel laser beams design, it is very easy to be noticed at night. The 5 LED indicators will light up simultaneously for 2 seconds when you brake. LED indicators and laser beams are very eye-catching as it can operate simultaneously. Besides, it has an independent control of laser light and it can be used separately. It is surely functional.

The tail light is energy-saving and environment-protecting. It can take off automatically after parking about five minutes, which can reduce power consumption. The LED light can work for a long life time up to 100,000 hours. It is beneficial and practical to possess it. The light is particularly suitable for high-end bicycles and regular night cycling friends, playing a good warning role in night cycling. It is easy to install and remove as it has an adjustable clamp.

It is obvious that bike laser tail light has advanced technologies, allowing it to be more useful and functional. This advanced light is keeping up with development of the society, having met the requirement of people. It is a good choice for people to have.

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