What are Beach Shorts Used for?

Is there any time better than summer time? Regardless of the age of a person summer has always been considered as the best time of the year with most people taking a break from academic and corporate environments. Surprisingly, studies have shown that people who suffer from heart attacks have a survival rate of 19% if the attack occurs in the summer, amazing right? Another thing is you get to ware loose clothes.

What is a beach short?

This is a short that is light-weight, stretchy, hydrophobic and has a quick-dry that is used as a swimwear or watersports wear. They are commonly known as boardshorts. These shorts were originally used by surfers because of their length which allowed them maneuver better on their boards. The hydrophobic material which is commonly smooth polyester or nylon, allows the short to dry quickly and makes the short comfortable and light. Unlike most swim jammers, beach shorts do not have an elastic waistband and instead they have a drawstring waistband with a Velcro fly held together by a lace-up tie at the front.

Beach Shorts

These approximately knee length shorts were originally worn by men until recently even women wear them as well. Over the years the purpose of beach shorts has gradually changed from the traditional use as a surfing short to normal swim or beach short and until recently they are used as a casual short to wear on any other day and even at fitness events. Their loose appearance and the eye-catching colors have contributed to their use as a casual wear at social events and casual event if the weather is favorable. They are also preferred as the appropriate beach wear because of their length which acts a sun protection swimwear.

The new stretchy design of beach shorts makes it appropriate for fitness activities like in the gym or running because it does not restrict your leg movement. It has also become a trend in the National Physique Committee during the men’s physique class to wear beach shorts for onstage competition because of their flexible nature. Swim shorts also have a secure small pocket that is mostly fastened with Velcro and vented with a grommet to secure your keys. Traditionally beach shorts never had lining but today there are designs that have a lining. The best thing about beach shorts is that they can be worn by any body type.

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