What Fitness Gears You Should Get During an Epidemic

Exercise not only changes your body, but it also changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood.  That’s why during epidemic like the coronavirus outbreak, not being able to access the gym should not limit you from being fit.  Regular exercises keep your heart healthy and keep your immune system working effectively. The following fitness gears can help you stay healthy and fit.

fitness gadgets

Mini exercise fitness bike

It’s an exercise bike that’s small in size compared to a stationary bike and it doesn’t have the seat, handlebars and sometimes, no display. Considering you are not attending your normal gym sessions due to an epidemic, a mini bike will help exercise your hands, legs, wrists, shoulders, and forearms due to the absence of a seat or large frame to get in the way. Wherever you are fitness will be assured since it easy to carry along. Ensure you do a proper bike set up to avoid injury.Mini exercise fitness bike

180° folding home inversion table  

An inversion table is an equipment that is used to do short stretches at an inverted angle to decompress the spine. During this stressful time, an inversion table will offer a therapeutic relief because it tends to stretch and elongate the spine and in turn, increase mobility, reduce stress, improve spine health, relieve chronic back pain and many more health benefits. Before using an inversion table, talk to your chiropractor to avoid any health complications that can arise due to the upside-down position.

180° folding home inversion table  

KALOAD Air Yoga Fitness Hammock

This is a prop that is used to perform aerial yoga.  It consists of two chains that hang down from the ceiling and a silk hammock is connected at the height set by the user. During an epidemic like coronavirus, it’s not easy to attend your yoga classes but with a yoga fitness hammock, you will be able to relieve compression in the spine, increase pulling strength, improve flexibility, relieve stress and it’s suitable for beginners. Ensure you see your doctor before starting aerial yoga especially if you have heart disease, high or low blood pressure, eye disease or surgery, vertigo, bone disorder, pregnant and any other condition that can bring complications due to the swinging and hanging down.

KALOAD Air Yoga Fitness Hammock

Take a step of living healthy and fit during the epidemic and remember to stay safe to curb the spread of the infection. Make personal safety a personal responsibility. Remember, one person can make a huge difference.

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