Where to buy key rings

What are key rings?
A keyring or “split ring” is a ring that holds keys and other small items, which are sometimes connected to keychains. Other types of keyrings are made of leather, wood and rubber.

The most common form of the keyring is a single piece of metal in a ‘double loop’. Either end of the loop can be pried open to allow a key to be inserted and slid along the spiral until it becomes wholly engaged onto the ring.

Key rings

What are the uses of key rings?
Key rings are one of the most common souvenir and advertising items. Keychains are commonly used to promote businesses. A standard advertising keychain will carry the businesses name and contact information and often a logo.
Businesses could place their names on promotional keychains that were three-dimensional for less cost than the standard metal keychains.
Keychains are small and inexpensive enough to become promotional items for larger national companies that might give them out by the millions. For example, with the launch of a new movie or television show, those companies might partner with food companies to provide a character key ring in each box of cereal.
Key rings that currently hold keys are an item that is never long misplaced by the owner. People sometimes attach their keychain to their belt (or belt loop) to avoid loss or to allow quick access to it. Many keychains also offer functions that the owner wants easily accessible as well. These include an army knife, bottle opener, an electronic organizer, scissors, address book, family photos, nail clipper, pill case and even pepper spray. Modern cars often include a keychain that serves as a remote to lock/unlock the car or even start the engine.

Where to buy key rings
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The most popular focused keychain collections are advertising, souvenir, monument, popular characters and nostalgia related items. Key rings usually comes in handy, so go get one for yourself.

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