Where to buy lumma lights

Introducing Lumma, a 360 degree light system showing your true width while cycling. It combines all the lights needed on your bike, front lights, rear lights and side lights, all integrated into the bicycle grips. Three different lights at each end of your handle bar. Never worry again about leaving your lights at home or having them stolen, the grips feature a solid core for easy installation and solid rings for easier fastening.

Lumma lights

What is Lumma light?
Lumma is an example of the high-tech lighting now on offer – handlebar grips with built-in head and tail lights and laser lane markers. Lumma grip lights are powered by a lithium-ion battery housed within the handlebar, which gives up to 50 hours of continuous use. Both the LED lights and lasers can be set to flashing or constant to suit riding conditions.
Lumma lights fix onto your bars with sturdy lock-on rings, making them feel more like an extension of your bike than any cumbersome accessory. They’re made from aircraft-grade alloy and are UV-resistant, so you can pretty much just pop them on and forget they’re there for all kinds of weather.
Having both front and rear lights rolled into one is a great relief if you’re already managing multiple bike lights, but throw in those liners laser lights, and you can be riding in a safe cocoon of contoured light at just the push of a button.
The USB charging port is external, covered by a rubber weather seal.

Where to buy Lumma lights
You can purchase quality and affordable Lumma lights from Banggood. This online store is a tested and trusted place for all your bicycle accessories.

If you commute by bicycle after dark, then you need lights. Not everyone wants a headlight cluttering up their handlebars, however, plus they may forget to bring it if they head out while the sun’s still up. That’s why Lumma was created.
Lumma meets all the legal requirements, even in countries with strict regulations.

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  1. Santa Tamang

    I want to buy this light but I don’t see any shop where I can buy

    1. Lee

      Dear Santa, you can find this light on Banggood:)

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