Xiaomi Mi Band 3-Your fitness companion

Are you a sportsperson who want to maintain your fitness? Or, Are you a plump guy who just want to convert his plumpy stomach into a fit one? So, there is a great news arrived just for you! Xiaomi is going to launch its new Xiaomi Mi Band 3 after a successful predecessor Mi Band 2. Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, just told the Chinese media that its sales will be set before the end of this year!

Xiaomi Miband 3

Let’s find out the great features of this Xiaomi Mi Band 3 unveiled and why you need it?

  1. Heart rate sensor

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 backs up with a heart rate monitor. A heart rate monitor helps in determining the number of heartbeats per minute. It also helps in checking the volume of blood ejected by the heart per pump.

  • Why any person or sportsperson need it?

Because your heart rate determines your cardiovascular fitness. An individual has a general resting heart rate between 60 to 100 beats per minute, while a sportsperson has a resting heart rate of 40 to 60 beats per minute.

Xiaomi Miband 3

  1. Data Analysis

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 also does the analysis work for you! It inspects, discovers and transforms the data of your fitness to provide useful information about your body. Not only this, it also provides you suggestions and solutions to become fit or to maintain your fitness. So, you don’t even have to give suggestions to yourself. Your wrist companion does it for you!

  • Why a person need it?

Because a person wants a constant performance about his body. He can be motivated only when he knows his actual position of fitness level.

Xiaomi Miband 3

  1. Customized alarm

Of course, we can’t ruin our dream where you are the fittest person in the world! But, living in a dream is much easier than in reality. Someone must be there to wake you up from imaginations! Xiaomi Mi Band 3 can help you out with its customized alarm to bring you out of your home and work hard for seeking good posture.


Not only this, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 comes with Bluetooth 4.2 with a smart wristband bracelet! Everything for you is combined in this product. That’s why Xiaomi Bands are the most popular in this industry. Xiaomi itself is known for its quality products with a higher level of customer satisfaction. Customers of Xiaomi Bands appreciated the predecessor of Band 3 which are Mi and Mi Band 2. Now, they are eagerly waiting for the Launch of Brand New Band 3 with a lot of expectations because they know that Xiaomi had always given them more than their expectations.





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