Xiaomi Mi Band 3: More Than Just A Time Accessory

Time is apart of our everyday lifestyle. Without it, our schedules will be in shambles. That’s why the many products widely available help us to keep track of time. In this article, we will focus more on a modern accessory that does more than tell time. The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has excellent features, and Banggood has a 50% off on its price right now. Grab it for only $23.88. Let us look at some of its features that makes it more popular daily.

xiaomi mi band

Xiaomi Mi Band boasts of a 0.78-inch OLED touchscreen that allows you to view the settings effortlessly. You can check your exercise duration, time, mileage and more data to keep you informed on the go. The heart-rate feature shows you how your heart is functioning as you exercise, sleep or even lounge. You no longer need expensive personal gadgets to display your heart rate.

The above accessory features a 110mAh battery that gives you 20 days uninterrupted use before charging. You can use the compatible charger that comes with the box to guarantee a fast and safe charging process.

xiaomi mi band

Mi Band 3 features the 5ATM Water Resistant Rating to offer a safe underwater use up to a depth of 50 meters. This feature withstands pressures like rain exposure, showering, swimming, accidental submersion plus more. You can do any of your swimming styles like backstrokes at ease with peace of mind.

Moreover, a Raise Wrist To Wake Up The Screen is another cool feature that allows you to raise your wrist to wake up the display. Also, you can brighten the screen when you raise your hand, to see real-time states such as heart rate, time and sports information.

With this product, it is inclusive of an adjustable band length that can go up to 216mm wide which offers you comfortable daily use. Also, it is made with a durable TPSiV band material that is comfortable and soft on your skin. Some elements after a few uses they start to irritate your skin.

xiaomi mi band

With the above item, you have an all-day fitness and management tracker. The sleep monitoring function, pedometer and sedentary reminder are among the functionalities that promote a healthy lifestyle. In any case, you want to reject a call, just long-press.

The design is sleek and adds extra beauty to your overall look. Not only is it lightweight, but also practical to comfortably wear, Besides, the construction blends well with your attire, unlike other wristbands. With this Xiaomi Band, you can get it in different colors depending on your preference. The inbuilt alarm is perfect to wake you up at your preferred time without unpleasant noise. Also, this item easily counts your steps and records them for better data management. This helps you to get accurate results without second-guessing yourself.

xiaomi mi band

To conclude, having a tracking companion is an added advantage. You can choose to have a healthy lifestyle without spending tons of money. Remember, that investing in a durable and functional product is a good step. The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has smart features like heart rate monitoring, alarm, answer and reject calls plus more to promote a healthy and fitness regime. For more information and discounts about Mi Band 3, please check here.

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