How About The Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Are you looking for the best fitness tracker? A tracker that will fit all your needs? A light one in weight and can total fit your wrist without any problem? Worry no more Xiaomi mi band 3 is here for you. The band is available in a cheap price. You can even extend it and connect it with your smartphone for good tracking. When connected with the phone it uses the language that your phone is set to use making it easier for you to operate it.
Features of Xiaomi mi band 3.

Design and display.
Xiaomi mi band 3 is designed to fit well in your wrist. You can adjust it if it is large or small. The adjustment range from 155-216mm. this makes it possible to be used by people of different wrist sizes.
It has a good size screen compared to other bands. The 0.78 Inch screen makes it possible to view anything you want with ease. The screen also is sensitive to touch and has a resolution of 128*80.

Weight and size.
The band weighs 20g. This is a lightweight that will make you feel as if you are not wearing anything. It will make you feel comfortable as you walk around because it will not be a burden. The size of this band is 46.9mm in length, 17.9mm in width, and 12mm in height. These measurements definitely are the best to fit in your wrist.

Manufacturing materials.
Xiaomi mi band 3 are made from the best materials that have a long lifespan. Mid-core materials are plastic and alloy, band material is TPSiV, and case material is TPEE. All these materials ensure that the band is waterproof and cannot be damaged by the sweat while you are on track, or even when it starts to rain.

Battery and power storage. 
The band has the best battery with a capacity of 110mAh. This battery can store power for more than 20 days. This will save for time and power needed to charge it.
Benefits and advantages of Xiaomi mi band 3.
It has the ability to connect with your phone using Bluetooth device. This will help you to know the caller ID even if you don’t have your phone around.
Has the ability to monitor your heart rate. This is because it can be able to detect pulse movement while resting or while doing exercise.
Has a reminder to remind your different activities. The activities include sleeping time, exercise plan, or even sedentary reminder.
It can record your track records, the distance you have covered, and calories that you have burnt in a day.
It is waterproof hence have a long lifespan cannot be damaged by water.
Cheap in price and readily available.

If you need the best tracker device that can help you monitor all your activities just go for Xiaomi mi band 3. It will give you an exceptional performance and you will not regret. Buy yours today and enjoy all its benefits.

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