Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro: The electric scooter for everyone

Electric scooters are becoming a bigger and bigger part of transport, and so it makes sense that Chinese electronic company Xiaomi, most known for its smartphone and smart home tech, is entering the race. That’s what it did with the Xiaomi M365, and now there’s a bigger and better Pro variant.

Xiaomi scooter

The Design and features
The M365 Pro uses the same basic design as the original, just a little larger, and so it has an all-black design with red highlights. It’s bigger than you might think, at over a metre tall and pretty heavy at over 14kg. So, like the M365, it isn’t for kids. Instead, it’s aimed at adults and is ideal if you have a commute to work where you can ride in bike lanes, wide paths or quiet back streets.
The 300W motor easily propels you to the limited top speed of 15.5mph (25km/h), but there are various modes including Eco which accelerates more slowly and has a lower top speed (15km/h) to save batter power and increase range.
And speaking of range, the huge 474Wh battery is good for 45km (29 miles), which is 15km (10 miles) more than the standard M365. As with most electric scooters, it’s very quiet, so the motor won’t get on your nerves as you ride.
The M365 Pro folds just like its predecessor, so a quick-release lever at the bottom of the steering tube is all you need to pull.
There are built-in lights front and rear. The back light is always on, and flashes when you brake. We were happy with the stopping power of the disc brake, which is a little bigger than on the original M365, and the motor offers some braking force in the front wheel too.

During our testing of the Xiaomi M365 Pro electric scooter, we found it’d last roughly four 7km (4.3 mile) 30-minute commutes, so we’d estimate you can drive it about 30km on a full charge. We were driving at the scooter’s full speed for the majority of this distance though, so if you were to drive in Eco Mode, which lowers the max speed, we’d imagine the scooter would reach the 45km maximum range that Xiaomi states.
You can charge the scooter through a power cable provided, which plugs into a port near the front wheel.
This charging seemed quite slow – after roughly half an hour of charge the battery was up 8%, which suggests the battery actually drains quicker than it charges. If you plug in every time you’re at home this is no problem, but you’ll need to make sure you’ve got sufficient time to charge the scooter regularly if you use it a lot. The actual capacity of the Xiaomi M365 Pro is 474Wh, which is considerably higher than the 280Wh of the non-Pro variant, so unless you can charge regularly we’d recommend sticking with the Pro.

Big design
Useful speed modes

Low battery capacity
Hard to reach control button

The electric scooter feels particularly great for roads, as you’ll always go the right speed to keep pace with traffic, without feeling like you’re a small and frail imposter. This electric scooter cost just about $500 and can be purchased at Banggood.com

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