xiaomi mijia

Xiaomi Mijia 4K Action Camera

Except for the Xiaomi MadVenture 4K Camera, in fact, MI also released another high performance and professional 4k action camera for the customers and the features of this 4k action camera are also very surprising.

xiaomi mijia

The xiaomi mijia 4k action camera is one of the best sports cameras you don’t want to miss. Its defined by high-end features including a 4K shoot resolution, six-axis image and video stabilization, and a longer battery life of 1450mAh enabling you to enjoy your camera work for up to 2 hrs without recharging it. It’s super-lightweight so that ensures it’s easy to carry around and use. The xiaomi mijia action camera introduces 9 different shooting modes and gives a 145-degree panoramic view, this helps by far in reducing the blind area and thus users can focus on all the aspects of the sporting events at no extra hassle. The camera also has a 2.4mbps WiFi and is Bluetooth enabled, enabling users to edit and share files fast to their smartphones or PC. The image and video quality of the camera are top notch and bring all the wonderful moments together, giving you lifetime memories. The camera is best for sporting activities and other outdoor events, with this device, all your camera needs are catered for.

xiaomi mijia

Recommended accessories

The Xiaomi 3 Axis Gimbal is the accessories compatible with the action camera that I will recommend first as it will make the whole experience a lot better. It enables users to take picture and images in a much better precise and professional way. The hand-held gimbal comes with a power button, function mode, and an analog stick. Once the user presses the power button, the camera will also turn on automatically and start the camera work. The function mode is designed to enable users to switch the camera in the different image and video modes giving much convenience, the analog stick is best used to rotate the camera in different angles and sides all from one finger. The Xiaomi Brushless Gimbal also comes with a tripod port, a USB port for charging and a button to control the image and video clarity, making sure you get nothing but the best images from the shoot.

xiaomi mijia

The Xiaomi Action Cameras are designed to deliver not only the best user experience but also the best image and video quality. Why should you not carry the camera in your next sporting event? You’ll live to tell a memorable story all covered in beautiful images and videos in one camera.


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