‘Xiaomi yi’ beats the former ‘GoPro’ in the market of action cameras


Gone are the days when having a camera was only meant for professional photographers and rather these days we may find a camera in every house but an action camera is completely different from all such traditional versions of cameras. An action camera is one such compact and rugged digital camera which has been specially designed for the action purposes.


As the name suggests, an action camera is your perfect companion in action. You can hike through the rain with it; attach it to your vehicle (car/bike/bicycle etc) and even mount it on a specific place like your helmet, surfboard, handlebar etc. to record the action. Action Cameras are completely meant for outdoor sports capturing and this is what makes it a must-have for extreme sports like base-jumping, wingsuit flying, and other such adventure sports. The xiaomi yi action camera is one such action camera that enables you to capture your outdoor sports moments like a pro.

 xiaomi yi action

Features of the Xiaomi yi action camera:

– The action camera market was earlier dominated by GoPro and keeping in mind this trend-setting factor, Xiaomi has kept the prices of its cameras comparatively lower.

– Each camera box comes accompanied with the accessories like Camera, Battery, User-manual and a USB Cable. The xiaomi yi battery is a high-density li-ion one so the xiaomi battery can be purchased separately and you need not worry about the availability of spare batteries for your camera in case you need.

– The features like wireless connectivity in the form of Bluetooth and Wi-fi further add to the user experience. The xiaomi yi cameras are light-weighted, reliable and fully automatic so that you can capture your precious sports moments without caring about any hazards at all.

– The features like 4K video recording and waterproof design make your video capturing experience a breathtaking one.

 xiaomi yi action

User experience and other specifications:

Being very honest, my experience with this camera was really good. In fact; there are hardly any or nearly no users who have reported this xiaomi yi camera to be a bad one. The camera works great and it is thus the best choice to make.

 xiaomi yi action

The presence of wireless connectivity is itself a revolutionary feature in the xiaomi action camera. If you are a sporting freak, this camera is specially meant for you. I am myself an adventure sports enthusiast. After purchasing this camera, I ordered a spare pair of batteries for it and now I can capture all my outdoor sporting moments without even caring about the battery being discharged after continuous and prolonged usage. True is the fact when they say, Purchasing a Xiaomi action camera means purchasing a quality action camera and that too at dirt cheap prices and with endless specification options’.






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