Xmund XD-RML Magnetic Rowing Machine

The xmund xd-rm1 magnetic rowing machine is one of those rowing machines designed to cover anyone who can use it. The reason is that it is made of high-quality heavy-duty steel with long rails.

In other words, most heavy and tall people can be accommodated, which means the possibility of the whole family exercising on one machine is acceptable.

In addition, the operation is smooth and quiet thanks to its magnetic resistance system, which also offers 8 levels that can be adjusted for various training challenges.

If you have a minute, I’ll take a closer look at each part of the xmund xd-rm1 magnetic rowing machine magnetic paddle, as we usually do.


The Design

Despite being a non-commercial rowing machine, the xmund xd-rm1 Magnetic Rower features a sturdy and durable steel frame coated with corrosion-resistant black paint. The cover of the drive/resistance system is of course made of ABS material.

It is elegant and withstands a maximum user weight of 110 kg. Assembled dimensions are 180x53x57 cm. Luckily, it doesn’t take up much space when stored as it can be folded. When folded, it measures 127x53x57 cm.


The Handlebar

The handlebar is 50 cm long and therefore long enough for users with different shoulder widths. It is covered with soft rubber foam to prevent slipping and soreness that can occur with prolonged exercise.


The Footrests

The footrest is large and textured, and it also features an adjustable heel guard and seat belt to ensure your foot is loaded securely and comfortably. Different foot sizes tend to be easy to fit.

The Resistance system

This is a magnetic resistant rowing machine. Alternatively, it has a 3 kg magnetic resistance system and magnetic brake pads.

Thus creating up to 8 different resistance levels without any friction. This means that when the magnetic field is released, resistance is generated which, depending on the proximity of the magnetic brake layer to the flywheel, produces a certain resistance.


To increase or decrease resistance, simply turn the voltage knob clockwise or counterclockwise.

Resistance levels from 1 to 8 allow you to warm up, burn calories, increase strength and endurance, tone and strengthen muscle groups.

In addition, they rotate to follow the movement, so the strain on the ankles is significantly reduced.

Multi-Function LCD Display

The Xmund xd-rm1 Magnetic Rower comes with a fairly simple console. But it does have an LCD monitor that logs exercise stats like time, count, total, and calories burned.

They are displayed one by one every few seconds of the SCAN function because the screen is too small to display all of them at once. However, you can easily read your workout stats as long as the light in the room is bright enough.


The LCD monitor is mounted on a resistance system panel and positioned for the best viewing.

It runs on battery and turns on when you start paddling or press the mode button, and turns off automatically when the device has not been running for several minutes to conserve or conserve energy.


The xmund xd-rm1 magnetic pad is designed for home use. This is an inexpensive device that can make your health and wellness journey easier. This magnetic rowing machine is worth going for and you can find it on Banggood.

Xmund XD-RML Magnetic Rowing Machine
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Xmund XD-RML Magnetic Rowing Machine
You don't to go to the gym to be fit. With a rowing machine you can do all forms of exercise. Today, I will be reviewing the Xmund XD-RML magnetic rowing machine.

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