You Prepared Enough for Sea Fishing?

Many people think that sea fishing is not different from the river fishing. However, this is not the case. Fish in the sea is not everywhere. Furthermore, the number of fish depends on weather conditions. As fishermen dared to go fishing in the sea, you need specific knowledge and skills, which cannot acquired in the course of the river fishing.

In contrast to the river fishing, sea fishing has a number of features. If a person lives far away from the sea or ocean, then he knows them only in theory. In practice, many things should be paid attention. For example, in the river, fish is usually caught from the shore, but sea fish is almost absent near the shore because of the tide. Therefore, in search of fish, many fishermen go out to the open sea. However, there are places where any amateur angler can catch fish from the shore or near it. For example, these are the rocky shore, as there is usually greater depth and there is mud. Attention is also drawn to the quiet backwaters. The best catch will be in the village or similar quiet area rather than bustling cities and towns where not inhabited by fish.

In the seas, in the main, you go fishing by using gear. If you want to catch fish, you need reliable fishing rod, hooks and fishing line.

The Folding Telescopic Fishing Rods can be your first choice. As the named called, the fishing rod is folding and telescopic, easy to carry. It comes with fishing reel (the gear ratio is 3.6:1) and 3# fishing line, which can be changed with your own hands. And the rod section is made of fiberglass.

If you are looking for some reliable fishing line, I recommend SeaKnight Fishing Line, 10 sizes and 7 colors for your choice. Features include adopting new braide technology, smoother, anti-twist effectively, hard to stuff. With the length of 500M, it’s not water absorbed and suitable for both saltwater and freshwater.


Since the salt corrodes all fishing equipment, you’d better rinse all the fishing gears with warm fresh water and wipe dry. Moreover, you should use at least six hooks size, and the line – not thinner than 0.2 mm.



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