Zanlure Telescopic Fishing Rod Is One Of The Smallest Fishing Rods

Fishing is a very enjoyable hobby, however many lakes, rivers, ponds and other water bodies with plenty of fish are located in remote areas. So the fisherman often has to walk or travel some distance from cities and towns to reach popular fishing spots. There are a larger number of fishing rods available, however, they are large in size and heavy, so it is difficult to carry them easily to the fishing spot and they may get damaged during transportation. Hence, the ZANLURE PFS-02 telescopic fishing rod is designed to be compact and lightweight, allowing it to be easily carried to any place as required by the angler.
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One of the biggest advantages of the Zanlure fishing rod is that it is a pen-type fishing rod with a closed length of only 8 inches or 21 cm allowing it to be used anywhere like fishing from a boat or dam. It can easily be carried in the pocket, briefcase, glove compartment, backpack. When in use the extended length of the rod is 38 inches or 96.5 cm. The fishing rod is made from aluminum alloy, which is not corroded or rusted when it becomes wet, is exposed to water or high humidity levels. The lightweight rod weighs only 56 g and has a diameter of 0.6 inches. The rod is available in seven different colors like golden, silver-white, yellow, red, blue, purple, black so that the angler can choose a rod in his favorite color.

The telescopic fishing rod is designed to carry a reel weight of 2000g. The mini gold fishing reel is supplied with the fishing rod has a weight of 68g. The reel is made from plastic material and has an approximate diameter of 3 cm, length of 5 cm. The angler can use either a black or golden reel with the fishing rod.
The sellers of the Zanlure fishing rod claim that their portable rod and reel set is the smallest fishing rod in the world. This inexpensive rod is the ideal gift for children, avid anglers and others who like to spend time outdoors fishing.

zanlure 02 telescopic fishing rod(3)It is easy to use the fishing rod from Zanlure by following the instructions which are provided. The pen-type telescopic rod is covered with a cap when not in use, and first, the cap should be removed. The pen rod has two grooves on which the fishing reel should be fitted. The grooves are located on a movable piece whose position along the rod can be adjusted as required. Then the screw handle on the fishing reel should be tightened to fix it properly on the rod. The telescopic rod can be then extended to the length required and used for fishing.
So the portable PFS-02 fishing rod and reel set from Zanlure is highly recommended for those who enjoy outdoor activities like fishing.

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